Sistema de Chat en Línea en PHP y MySQL

Online Chat System in PHP and MySQL

This Online Chat System in PHP and MySQL with Source Code allows the user to register and communicate with users who are connected, the big difference between the previous chats is that it changes in real time, thanks to Ajax technology, only reload the div where the specific chat is located and this makes the chat conversation more fluid.

Explanatory Video of the Online Chat System (Spanish)

Online Chat System in PHP and MySQL

Previously published chat systems, for which I fully share the code, as with this one, can be found at the following links:

Chat in PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and Javascript ready to download, I share the code

Chat in Javascript with nodejs

Access to Online Chat System in PHP and MySQL with Source Code

The login user is and the password is 1234abcd..

Contact me if you have questions

You can contact me on my Whatsapp at the following link:

Setting up the Online Chat System in PHP and MySQL on a local server

The process is a recurring theme in my publications, the following applications must be downloaded and installed with all the default parameters:

XAMPPGitVisual Studio Code

Online Chat System Download

The application is related in the following link:

Online Chat System in PHP and MySQL

To download the application you must enter the following location from Visual Studio Code


Already in this folder, within Visual Studio Code, press the View option and then Terminal, and in the window that appears at the bottom, write the following code and press Enter:

git clone

Inside the htdocs folder a new folder will be created called chat and there will be the project already entered, what remains is, from Visual Studio Code, access this folder from the Open Folder option and access chat, this way you will have the application files to modify them at will.

Creation of the database

For the creation of the database, you need to have the Apache and MySQL services in XAMPP, if you open XAMPP for the first time you choose the language of your preference between German and English.

After activating the Apache and MySQL services, you can access the following URL to create the database and copy the SQL script.


From the Database Manager, you create the database with the name chat, it is recommended that the collation be UTF SPANISH 2 CI, so that the database supports accents and characters specific to our language.

After creating the database, you must click on the SQL section, copy and paste the code found in the following link:

Online Chat System in PHP and MySQL

As soon as you complete this process, the application will be operational at the following link:


If you have additional questions about setting up PHP applications on a local server, you can access the following post

Commissioning of the Online Chat System in PHP and MySQL in a Hosting

I explain the process at a general level, in the video below:

Upload page with PHP + Database (MYSQL) to a Hosting

Any questions remain pending.

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