Voice Search System in PHP and MySQL

Voice Search System in PHP and MySQL

This Voice Search System in PHP and MySQL is enabled to perform queries in its related database and return the results according to the search criteria.

This app uses the API Web Speech for the speech recognition process, then the characters entered in a variable in PHP perform the matching query with those entered in the sample database.

The system looks for any coincidence between the title, the brief description or the link related to the information entered in the posts table of the voice-dictation database, which in this case are publications of this configuroweb blog.

Demo del sistema de búsqueda por voz

En el siguiente enlace puedes ver el funcionamiento de la aplicación, puedes ver como funciona la aplicación, presionando el botón Grabar Voz, autorizando la aplicación para grabar y luego di la palabra "PHP":


Setting up the Voice Search System in PHP and MySQL on a local server

Previous Applications

To install the application on a local server, I recommend the prior installation of the following applications:

XAMPP, Git, Visual Studio Code

XAMPP is the application in charge of implementing a apache server for them to work scripts PHP on a local computer.

Git is the world's most widely used repository manager, with which you can cleanly download code from GitHub.

Visual Studio Code is the world's most popular code editor, which I highly recommend in virtually every post on this blog.

Download GitHub App

The following is the GitHub repository download link for the Voice Search System application on a local server:

Voice Search System in PHP and MySQL

Configuration of the Voice Search System in PHP and MySQL for its operation on your computer

You must install the mentioned applications, with all the default parameters, after this procedure, from Visual Studio Code, you must open the following location:


From this location in Visual Studio Code, click View, Terminal. Inside the Terminal you choose the Git Bash option and copy the following code:

git clone https://github.com/configuroweb/busqueda-voz.git

The folder will be created busqueda-voz, inside the htdocs folder. Next, you must open XAMPP on your computer, activate the Apache and MySQL services, and access the following URL, to create the store-mail database:


Voice Search System Database

For the application to work correctly, from phpmyadmin, you must create the database with the name busqueda-voz, then you must access the SQL section and paste the code found in the following link:

Database Voice Search System

After this you can access the following URL and the application will be ready for use:


Upload of the Voice Search System in PHP and MySQL to a hosting

Due to the simplicity of the application, I will not address the issue directly, in the following related video (spanish), I explain the process at a general level:

Upload page with PHP + Database (MYSQL) to a Hosting

If you still have doubts about the process of setting up the application on a local server

How to Install PHP Applications on a Local Server

Any questions I remain pending, if you require more PHP applications, in Python or JavaScript I recommend you subscribe to my content on Youtube and be on the lookout for any changes, that I make.

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