Student Enrollment System in PHP

Student Enrollment System in PHP [I share the code]

This time I share with you a basic student enrollment management system in PHP.

The process is fully explained in the video below:

Direct access to project installations on a local server

If you wish, you can immediately access the section of the set up the project on a local server Below I show you all the functional aspects of the software.

Explanation of functional aspects of the license plate management system

Below are the different screens and functions of the application developed in PHP and MySQL

Student Login Screen

Students can enter this system with their 6-digit enrollment code, their full name, address and the school year to which they will belong.

Administrative User Registration Screen

Administrative users can be registered, although by default, inactive. The only way to activate users is directly from the database. The field is changed from inactive to active and this user will now be able to access the administrative panel.

Dashboard Screen

From the control panel of the application it is possible, in a single view, to know the total number of students admitted, the total number of users, even the users with the status of inactive are listed.

In the same control panel there is a panel with access to your user profile and the table of registered students.

Student List Screen

From this section it is possible to edit student information and delete the records of each student.

User List Screen

In this section it is

User Profile Screen

Student entry validation screen

From this section with the student's registration number plus the degree, it confirms if the record exists and shows you all the data entered for the specific student.

Commissioning of the Student Enrollment Management System in PHP

Download and installation of applications necessary for the development of the project

To set up the project on a local server, it is necessary to download these three common applications on all my blog post with PHP projects:

  • XAMPP, to create a local server on your computer as well as a database manager.
  • Git, to download my repository on GitHub
  • Visual Studio Code, to manipulate the code to your liking.

Download my project on GitHub

To carry out the process it is necessary to have installed the applications indicated in the previous process.

You must open Visual Studio Code, access the File option, then Open Folder and look for the following location, it should be added that the process only works if you installed XAMPP with all the default parameters.

The location is as follows:


Already in this location, the project is downloaded from the terminal that is enabled in Visual Studio Code in the View and Terminal option.

When viewing Terminal, type the following command

git clone

Inside the htdocs folder the folder will be created matriculas.

At this point it is necessary to access the license plate folder, to access it, again from Visual Studio Code press File, Open Folder and enter the following location:


Puesta a punto de la base de datos student

To insert the SQL code below, it is necessary to activate the XAMPP services beforehand.

Activation of XAMPP Services

To activate the services, look for the application on your computer, it opens a window to choose the Language, you only have the option of English or German and then a window like the one in the image below appears.

You press Start on the Apache and MySQL buttons, the panel should be the same as the related image.


Creating the database and inserting the SQL code

With the Apache and MySQL services in XAMPP activated you must access the following URL in your preferred browser, I recommend Chrome


In this section you create the student database, with the UTF 8 Spanish 2 CI collation.

The next thing is to access the SQL tab and insert the code below:

click here

Access Credentials to the Registration System in PHP

The project at this point should work perfectly for you, to access as an administrator user the credentials are the following:

  • user: configuroweb
  • password: 1234abcd..

I'm on the lookout for any questions!


  1. Buenas tardes es que al ejecutar el programa me sale que no hay datos y salen errores en el imicio de sesiom

  2. buenas tardes estoy haciendo un sistema parecido pero yo le implemente alumnos y tutores, se creo un pdf de la cual es la credencial donde quiero asignar la foto de alumno y su nombre y su matricula del mismo y posteriormente asignar la foto del tutor y su nombre todo estro va en una credencial como lo puedo implementar, espero su respuesta buenas tardes

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