Image Editor System in Javascript

Image Editor System in Javascript

We are going to learn how to implement an Image Editor System in Javascript with which images can be easily uploaded and edited online, from the aspects of brightness, saturation, color inversion and gray scale.

This application has the options to Rotate and Flip the image to be edited, at 90 degree angles, it is also possible to flip the image horizontally and vertically.

In addition it is possible to reset the applied changes to reset. The system can generate a new file, with the changes applied, when clicking on the button that says Save Image.

Demo of the Image Editor System in Javascript

I implemented a demo of the application that you can see in the following link:

Explanation of the Image Editor System

The system uses functions with which the different processes are carried out, the main functions are loadImage, applyFilter, filterOptions, updateFilter and rotateOptions among others. These functions are executed from the script.js file, which is the one that carries the business logic.

The application consists of three files, one called index.html, another called style.css and script.js, the form and everything that the end user sees happens from the index.html file.

The file called style css is the one that contains all the visual aspects of the application, such as the background colors and the application buttons.

Download and implementation of the project in JavaScript

The following is the repository link where I have the project posted on GitHub:

Image Editor System in Javascript

As it is a static page, it is not necessary to use a backend, you do not have to install any server, just download the project and run the page index.html

Upload of the Image Editor System in Javascript to a hosting

In a previous post I explain how to upload a project similar to this to GitHub Pages If you want to upload it to a hosting like hostinger in the following video I explain how to do it (in spanish):

Upload page with PHP + Database (MYSQL) to a Hosting

I'm on the lookout for any questions!

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