Chatbot system with response suggestions in PHP and MySQL

Chatbot system with response suggestions in PHP and MySQL

This chatbot system with response suggestions in PHP and MySQL can be configured to carry out the conversation process with the application more effectively, since it reduces the possibility of ambiguities between what the end user can pose to carry the flow of their conversation.

This chatbot still supports the user to write their query, ignoring the suggestion buttons, but if the terms in which the query was written were not considered in the initial configuration, then the chatbot will send a response that it has not considered that query and the process will break.

Explanatory video (spanish)

Chatbot system with response suggestions in PHP and MySQL

Important note

The application has a cost of 15 USD, it is not free, the application code is posted on GitHub, however for its implementation you will require the database that I provide you in exchange for an amount by PayPal.

App payment

The payment can be made by this means through Paypal

If you do not see the button in the mobile version, I have optimized the javascript code load, you can make the payment through the following link:

If you reside in Ecuador the system does not allow you for the donation option, my PayPal email is

I have more than 46 totally free applications also available and a group of premium applications at very cheap prices.

Demo of the Chatbot System with Answer Suggestions in PHP and MySQL

In the following link you can access the chatbot system with answer suggestions for the relevant tests:

Administrative Environment:

The access credentials of the Administrative type user are the following:

  • User: configuroweb
  • Password: 1234abcd..

End User Environment

The client-type user access credentials are as follows:

  • Usuario:
  • Password: 1234abcd..

These end user credentials can change, if the user is edited from the demo.

Contact me

If you have any questions, you can contact me directly on my Whatsapp at the following link:

Setting up the application on a Local Server

To carry out the process of setting up the chatbot system with response suggestions in PHP and MySQL, you need to download and install the following applications with all the default parameters:

XAMPPGitVisual Studio Code.

I talk in much more detail about this process in a specific post, where I explain how to install php applications on a local server

GitHub project download

The project is hosted at the following link:

Chatbot system with response suggestions in PHP and MySQL

After downloading and installing the previously requested applications, from Visual Studio Code, you go to the following location:


Already in this folder, within Visual Studio Code, press the View option and then Terminal, and in the window that appears at the bottom, write the following code and press Enter:

git clone

Inside the htdocs folder a new folder will be created called chatbot_sugerencias, and there will be the project already entered, what remains is, from Visual Studio Code, access this folder from the Open Folder and access to option chatbot_sugerencias, this way you will have the application files to modify them at will.

Creation and Import of Chatbot System Database with Answer Suggestions in PHP and MySQL

At this point you have to open XAMPP, choose a language between English and German, and activate the services of Apache, the PHP server and MySQL the database manager.

After activating these services, you must access the following URL:


Create a database with the name chatbot_sugerencias I have imported the file that I provide you with the payment called chatbot_sugerencias.sql

As soon as you complete this process, the application will be operational at the following link:


Important considerations when uploading the Chatbot System with response suggestions in PHP and MySQL to an Internet hosting

The file to modify with the database credentials is called initialize.php and in line 3 of this file you must put the software URL as it will be, otherwise it will not work, for example, in my hosting, I uploaded the project to a folder called chatbot-sugerencias, the URL that I put in initialize.php was, for the software to work.

If you need to reinforce the process of uploading the application to hosting, you can see it in the following video:

Upload page with PHP + Database (MYSQL) to a Hosting

I am available for any query.

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