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Mauricio Sevilla Britto
Mauricio Sevilla Britto

Who I am

I have been ConfiguroWeb for 7 years, my first publication dates from August 31, 2014, on my blog since my free domain blogspot. In those days he published very frequently about the SEO and I got my first job in Digital Marketing, for a Spanish company that were my clients for a long time, Valls Rent a Car was the first company to take a risk with me to bring you your communication and it has not been the only one since that time until today.

Some companies I have recently worked with


I am ConfiguroWeb but my first name is Mauricio Sevilla Britto. I am proudly Colombian, Technologist in Analysis and Development of Information Systems. Interrupted fifth semester student Technology in Business Management.


Marketing and Application Support Technician Facet

I have spent the last 6 years practicing with business clients located in Madrid, Barcelona, Miami and Australia among others, while formally working as Técnico de Soporte Aplicaciones for 11 years with large accounts such as Ministry of Telecommunications in its Intranet Gubernamental, then with Vodafone España, Microsoft and currently for the last 7 years Kata Software with Banco W.

Facet as Developer

As a developer I have worked with more than 60 companies around Latin America and Spain mainly, implementing multipurpose applications, from applications for Schools, Administrative Management, Access Controls, Hospitality and Gastronomy among many others, if you need any development, you can contact me at the following link, my prices are very competitive and my developments are very agile :

contact me here

Facet as Entrepreneur

At the moment I have more than 40 applications on this blog post in the premium segment and I have published more than 60 applications in PHP, Javascript, Python totally free that I have been accredited before the YouTube community, as a developer and thanks to this, I have achieved countless projects, at least 4 per week, in which I am constantly working together with a specialized team of developers who work for ConfiguroWeb, efficiently.

my secret weapon

I am active developer, information technology expert with 10 years of experience and active marketer for 6 years, in my linkedin profile I have more than 35 thousand followers, in my twitter account 28 mil, en the instagram account más de 5200, tengo más 5200 seguidores en my youtube channel y mi blog cuenta actualmente con más 17000 sesiones y 37000 visitas al mes en constante crecimiento.

Visitas al mes ConfiguroWeb

For this reason I consider that I can support your communication project in any phase in which you find yourself. I have powers of Growth Hacking focused on:

  • Account Specific Growth
  • Increased visits to your website
  • Increased downloads of your application,
  • Positioning in search engines with internal link strategies, content management, among others.
  • Optimización de reviews.
  • Implementation of 3D visits in Google Maps, to improve the importance of your domain and with this obtain quality organic visits related to your product.

All of the above, among endless disruptive possibilities.

Contact me

If you are interested in hiring my services, you can leave me a message on my contact link or can you contact by whatsapp I am very active in Linkedin, I can help give strength to your profile, I have relevance in this network, I currently have more than 35 thousand active followers.


  1. Que buen parche Mauricio, tenes un sitio nitido, lo que es… felicitaciones por tus emprendimientos, es de admirar.

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